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Madison Stewart & Willie Nuckols — Minted

Madison Stewart


Willie Nuckols

Madison Stewart and Willie Nuckols

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Our Story

It all started on Bumble with a “would you rather” prompt on staying in lockdown for a whole month (can you imagine?) vs. listening to Nickelback… those who know Willie don’t need to guess what his response was.

When we first met virtually during the first few weeks of COVID, neither of us could have seen such a wonderful and inseparable relationship developing. We grew from FaceTime dinner buddies to walk partners then becoming an instrumental piece of each other’s everyday life. Spending so much time together (and we mean SO MUCH), we quickly knew that this was something special. More than three years later, we’ve shared countless memories throughout life’s adventures, grown to love each other more everyday and can’t wait to formally merge our lives and families together.